My Take on Batman v. Superman

A little over a week has passed and the mixed reviews are in for Batman v. Superman. So, I figured I would give my take.

To put in perspective, I went out the second week of Deadpool on a Wednesday afternoon in New Braunfels, Texas and the movie was sold out. When my 9 year-old son and I attended this past Sunday at 4:00 p.m., we were one of 30 people in the theater.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I could definitely see where people had issues with the movie, but those things can be overlooked. There are some ridiculously cool parts of the movie that I am so glad that I got to see on the big screen versus waiting for DVD. First of all, I thought that the length of the movie is justified. There is an enormous amount of backstory that needs to be explained not just for this movie, but for future DC Universe features coming down the road.





Let’s start with the other-than-the-title heroes in the movie. First, the Flash and Aquaman get a blink of action in this movie. Not a lot to see here, but for some reason when I watched the bit with Aquaman, I was not impressed. In fact, I am not sold on Mamoa pulling it off. I still am pissed about Conan the Barbarian, so take that into account. Definitely not much content to assess Flash. Cyborg was damn cool. As short as that Cyborg bit was, it was packed with intensity and emotion. The fact it was true to the comics made it resonate even more. It makes me want a Cyborg movie now.

Wonder Woman has been the talk of the movie since it premiered and those positive, roaring reviews are spot on. Gal Gadot, whom we all doubted could pull off the act, was amazing. Her performance was all-in. In the battle scenes, her facial expressions, body language, delivery of lines was amazing. You almost said to yourself during the major fight scene with Doomsday, “Superman, go tend to Lois. Batman, go ice your injuries. Wonder Woman has this.” You felt she was definitely the superior of the three and the most invincible of the three. Sure she is not stacked like Linda Carter, but it did not matter.

Let’s move to the major villains. This is where I may side with some of the negative critics. Overall, they sucked. I am not going to sugarcoat it. I will start with Doomsday. For being such a titular character in the comics, he was a brutal disappointment. They treated the comics with some respect with his creation, how he feeds on energy, the spikes, etc., but he really came across to me like King King mated with the Toxic Avenger. He roared. he punched. He threw Superman around. YAWN! His demise was more predictable than Bill Clinton’s sexuality.

And then we have Lex Luthor. This was so not Lex Luthor. They would have been better suited just coming up with a new villain for Jesse Eisenberg’s character. Lex crying over and over about his daddy issues. He whined about this and whined about that. It was like watching Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3. He didn’t come across as a villain that was capable of ruling the world. He wore this same untailored blue stupid suit and stupid shoes. They went way overboard with the Millennial schtick. When you see Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, you want to see financial titans staring each other down and sizing each other up. Did we see that here? Nope. We were skeptical about Eisenberg and we were right on this one. If a lot of the interpretation of this character was up to Eisenberg, he screwed it up big time .

Now, I will get to more subtle crap that irritated me. First, whenever the new media was depicted it was always MSNBC and CNN. Really? MSNBC is the last place people would go to get the word on this major events. Soledad O’Brien was brutal. Get a real actor to do this. I am glad I didn’t have a drink in my hand, I might have thrown it at the screen. Also, I know there is major money involved with product placement, but the Chrysler/Dodge monopoly on vehicles was ridiculous. Bruce Wayne driving the crap out of some chump fuel-efficient SUV looked as ridiculous as it sounds. It shaved off a layer of authenticity to the movie. I also thought the whole glassed-in, super accessible server room with the ridiculously large EMC logo was also forcibly placed.

I was pleased about some things that were not in the movie. I did not see any intentional character changes to please the politically correct zealots. Mercy Graves is played by  Tao Okamoto. That is a change but not forced. No one was identified as  gay, bi, pan or asexual. That is good. I don’t really pay attention to that stuff and it’s not relevant, so leave it out.

I cannot conclude without mentioning one comment about the elder females. The older female actors, Holly Hunter and Diane Lane still did an amazing job with their roles and looked equally as amazing. I was disappointed that Senator Finch didn’t take Lex into the backroom and put a good ol’ Raylan Givens-style Kentucky ass-whooping on him. That would have been fitting. Oh well, maybe someone will do that in ten years at the next reboot.

The entire story, the fight scenes (especially Batman rescuing Martha Kent) and the acting of Affleck, Gadot, Irons, Fishburne, Cavill and Adams do create a very enjoyable experience. Sure, there were some issues, but I will take those any day compared to what George Lucas or J.j. Abrams would have done to this thing. This does set up the Justice League movie well. I am amped for the additional DC movies which I thought I may not have been. Some are declaring that this put a dagger in the future of DC movies, but I strongly disagree.

Go see the movie. It’s worth seeing twice. There are some fairly scary and intense parts. The bathtub scene was done well, but kids will be saying, “What are they doing in there?” My 9 year-old handled it well and I would say that may be the minimum age.

I am not a Millennial so I don’t yearn for feedback in order for my life to go on, but I will read it and respond.



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